URBAN SCENOGRAPHIES was initiated by the French collective (SCu)2. So far it has taken place in Douala, Alexandria and Kinshasa. The Johannesburg leg is realised in partnership with the Joubert Park Project, an artists collective based in the inner city.

About (Scu)2
(ScU)2 was formed as an artists group by Francois Duconseille and Jean Christophe Lanquetin in 2000, in order to organise the first residency in Douala (with Kapsiki Circle). Since 2006, (SCU)2 has broadened its practice to other artistic initiatives, such as residencies in France and public projects. In principle, (SCU)’s work has developed through linkages with structures and artists from the southern continent. Interventions in public space, the relation of art and the urban contexts, curatorial and audience focused questions are part of the main axis of research and practice of the group. (ScU)2 is open to new members and regularly works with artists whose questions or commitment lies close to the methods and dynamics of the group. Since Autumn 2007, (ScU)2 has been based in Montreuil.

For more information on the background of Urban Sceno and previous manifestations see

About JPP
The Joubert Park Project is a non-profit collective of artists and cultural practitioners (Joseph Gaylard, Dorothee Kreutzfeldt, Bie Venter, with associates Ra Ngoato from the Keleketla! library and Lawrence Lemaoana assisting with the residency programme), with an interest in the working environment and propositions presented by the inner city of Johannesburg, where we have been doing public art orientated projects since 2000.

Since 2004, the JPP has focused on the development of the Drill Hall, a recently refurbished heritage site in the inner city suburb of Joubert Park. The JPP has been acting as site manager (drawing new tenants such as the VEGA Imagination Lab and Nyakaza, a Contemporary Dance/Choreography project), while running a range of projects through the site –events, exhibitions, performances and artists-in-residence programmes with local, African and international creative practitioners. The vision for the Drill Hall has been to set up a cultural platform and resource for a range of ‘players’ who are active in the cultural and social field, building networks for critical cultural exchanges and production.

Urban Scenographies will be JPP’s last project……………………………..x

the drill hall; view from landrost; december 2008

the drill hall; view from landrost; december 2008


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