The concept of the playground encompasses activities associated with sports, games and leisure; it may frequently blur with the concept of the battleground.  Its primary modes are play, competition, strategy. Rules may be explicit or implicit.

There are few publicly provided recreational facilities within the project boundaries.  Joubert Park – just outside the boundaries on the north on the  – is the largest open space in the inner city and is used as a place of leisure during the day for shoppers and commuters. Chess players congregate around a giant chess board in the park on a daily basis  Outside of Joubert Park, the only other publicly managed park on Nugget Street is currently under reconstruction.  Local youth and children use the Drill Hall open square for a variety of games in the wake of the departure of the military from the site in August 2006.  Children – many of them very young – roam the streets of the neighbourhood during the day and often into the evening, without obvious parental supervision. Some attend indoor creches in former office blocks.

Some roofs and courtyards are used as gyms. Professional boxers train daily on the first floor of Durandt’s boxing gym corner Nugget and Bree.

Card games- played for money – often take place around the Drill Hall entrance and at the back of the cinema, as well as on roofs and in bars. Buskers occasionally perform at the garage opposite the Drill Hall.

The restaurants in the Eritrean/Ethiopian dominated buildings on Jeppe Street often double up as pool bars and internet cafes. Most have TVs installed in the corners, with music videos/soap operas. The games on the pool tables differ in rules and length and are at times played for money.  Games can last until after business hours. Curtained coffee and smoke rooms with specific etiquettes and clientele can be found on many floors.

Bars, shebeens and clubs operate day and night, constellated mainly in the area around the Drill Hall and the taxi rank. Many of these have strong links to the sex trade and other illegal activities. They are frequented by mainly Nigerian, Mozambican and South African men.  Pool and table soccer are

embassy bar (jeppe st)/ivorian restaurant (cinema, plein st)/barber shop (twist st)

embassy bar (jeppe st)/ivorian restaurant (cinema, plein st)/barber shop (twist st)


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