Invited participants include:

Pathy Tshindele (Eza Possibles / DRC)
Mega Mingiedi (Eza Possibles / DRC)
Tshime Kalumbwa (Lubumbashi / DRC)
Eric Van Hove (Belgium)
Dominique Zinkpe (Bénin)
Hervé Yamguen (Cercle Kapsiki / Cameroon)
Bruno Boudjelal (Algeria / France)
Billy Bidjoka (Cameroon)
Unathi Sigenu (Gugulective, South Africa)
Antõnio Nãstio Mosquito (Angola)
Zen Marie (South Africa)
Emeka Udemba (Nigeria)
Ingrid Mwangi and Robert Hutter (Kenia/Germany)
Marie Dominique Dhelsing (France – film project)
Michelle Harris (South Africa)
Donna Kukama (South Africa)
Dominique Malaquais (writer, Cameroon)

Jean Paul Delore (France) – LEZARD DRAMATIQUE: KUKUGA MELANCOLIQUE SYSTEME 10 – JOHANNESBURG; a performance project involving  performers and dancers from France,  Mozambique and South Africa, to take place in the vacant movie theatres of the former Ster City Cinema next to the Drill Hall.


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